About Us

History - We started our involvement in the digital media world two decades ago. From our pioneering beginnings in digital audio and database solutions to rich media for the new world of the internet we have remained at the forefront. Maintaining this leading-edge philosphy has found us emerge with a definitive knowledge of all digital media.

Location - We are right in the heart of North Sydney Australia and we focus on the local market however our company works across the globe - Japan, the US, the UK, Holland and Sweden to name just a few.

Philosophy - Pioneering, creative and challenging possibilities revealed by technology. By utilising and converging technologies we are determined to answer creative ideas and business marketing needs in the most cost-effective way. We have purposeful tools for creative outlets and a real and virtual team of specialists eager to produce results that impress.

Vision - Integration of throughput, management, production and distribution connected to all supply chains on a global scale. A collaborative approach to business in the new world of connectivity supplying effective communication solutions for the benefit of our clients.